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    NEWS 20/11/12

    2 months in Los Angeles: hot and busy!
    Cee-lo and Beyonce sessions, Miley Cyrus cutting a song day after it was written, writing with Linda Perry, jamming with Jason Mraz and a whole heap of other fun.

    Still most excited about Alec Benjamin and Shannon Wardop. Both out playing live and killing it. Both writing great stuff and EP's should be released early next year with EP2 close behind.

    The film premier of "For No Good Reason" was shown at Leicester Square at the London film festival. Gutted not to be there, but should be in the cinemas early next year.

    Johnny Depp.jpg

    Before I left, had some laughs writing with the Backstreet Boys....fantastic bunch.
    Went to Holland to help my goof friend Ilse DeLange out on a TV show and celebrated yet another Number 1 with her!


    Joined Tom Baxter for the "Arvon" songwriters course, where we met some lovely talented people and bored them all to tears with our advice and anecdotes! Great course and amazing place in Devon.


    JUNE 19TH 2012

    About to head to LA to do some writing with Katherine McPhee and some old friends. My brother Stefan and Tony Maserati and hopefully an afternoon climbing in Malibu creek!

    In the last couple of months we have recorded 2 EP's. One for Phoenix's Alec Benjamin and the other for Shannon Wardrop. Both these developing artists are developing at an incredible rate and continue to inspire me. I cannot wait for the world to hear them.



    The song "Hurricane" which I wrote with James Walsh and Ilse DeLange became a top 10 hit in Holland.

    Done some writing with 3rd eye Blind, which was wild and brilliant. Fredrika Stahl, who is gonna have a beautiful sounding and interesting record. Project Alfie, Lexy, amongst others.

    Eurovision.....well lets not dwell on that! Suffice to say it was an experience and my respect for Engelbert has actually grown and grown. He took it like a gentlemen!
    Meanwhile Martin and I straight afterwards thought we should maybe go into hiding and tried to disguise ourselves as Azerbaijan goat herders!


    APRIL 19TH 2012

    Some great releases coming up or out.....including Jason Mraz's "Love is a Four Letter Word". 2 songs on it, including one of my favorites "In Your Hands".


    Lisa Marie Presley's "Storm and Grace", produced by the incredible T Bone-Burnett. 5 songs including the 1st single "You ain't seen nothing yet".
    Very proud of the songs on this record.


    The Eurovision is looming and Engelbert will be singing the song "Love will set you free", which I wrote with Martin Terefe. Gonna be an interesting trip to Baku, never been to Azerbaijan!

    Erin McCarley record is due out in June....."Fever".

    FEBRUARY 4TH 2012

    Very proud to be part of the Lana Del Rey record with the song "Without You". Number 1 in 13 countries: not bad!


    Some great acts in the development, Shannon Wardrop, Alec Benjamin, Sasha Ryabinina and Lowell. Really enjoying working with such young talented artists. All very different, but loads of style, potential and personality.
    Can't wait for them to be heard.

    Still working away on the Ralph Steadman movie... check out the trailer:


    Been to Berlin to work with Stanfour, Leslie and Nikolai, Michelle Leonard and Christian Neander. Germany now the second biggest domestic market in the world!

    Looking forward to having Ilse DeLange and Laura Jensen back in the studio and the release of Lisa Marie Presley's new record "Storm and Grace".

    Lorenzo has been busy not only engineering and playing, but also making some amazing tracks of his own. Check this out!

    aretive.co facebook

    SEPTEMBER 12TH 2011

    Took a bit of time off this summer and realized how important it is to sometimes take a step back and gain perspective.
    I feel very excited about the next stage of what I do and am now fully commited to creating a home, to develop in all areas of music, new and exciting talent.
    A lot is changing in the music industry, but the intrinsic fundamental need is the same......true talent needs to be heard!
    Over the next few years, I intend to dedicate my time to finding and building relationships with artists and helping them reach the potential they have.
    I have been fortunate to have been part of some great success stories, James Blunt, Jason Mraz, Adele....but all at an early stage in their career. I am gonna repeat this, but with newcomers.

    3 pics.png

    Prior to this Ralph Steadman had been keeping busy with the filmscore and soundtrack. Got some incredible contributions from a real diverse mix of artists and the score is really coming together. Everytime I watch the film, I grow more and more in love with it.

    sacha's title.jpeg

    We are the final stages of the James Walsh Solo record, done with Andreas Olsson and Nikolai Torp, its been a fresh and energy driven process. Can't wait for it to be heard.

    Wrote a couple of songs with the eclectic Lana Del Rey and the very talented Tinashe. Also writing with Stanfore, a great band from Germany and enjoyed my trip out to Hamburg a lot.


    MAY 12TH 2011

    Opened the year in a great way.....played on record with a fantastic artist and musicians! The artist was UK's soul queen, Beverley Knight.
    Having been her MD, over 10 years ago, was a lot of fun working together again!


    Beverley Knight

    Been writing with some cool artists, like Allman Brown, Tinashe and Emma's Imagination and US band "Wild Feathers". Also the really talented Erin McCarley.


    Erin McCarley

    Adele has been breaking all records with her fantastic new album "21".... but "19" has been riding alongside in resurgence and has been back in the top 5 for over 16 weeks!



    Ralph Steadman film is coming along really well and have some amazing artists contributing to the soundtrack.

    Trips to Berlin (what a city!) LA and Bangkok....Saw Chris Craker's super cool studio just outside of Bangkok, check it out : www.karmasoundstudios.com

    NOVEMBER 12TH 2010

    Movie soundtracks have been high on the agenda the last few months. I've been working with James Walsh on the Chuck Palahniuk film "Lullaby" and also starting a very exciting soundtrack for a film on the life and work of "Ralph Steadman".


    Ralph Steadman

    In between this I've been working Jason Mraz and writing loads of material for his new record.

    Lisa Marie Presley has been back in to write a couple more songs and with her also came the amazing Richard Hawley.

    Check out the new EP from James Walsh entitled "Live at the top of the world" you can get it from jameswalshmusic.com.

    walsh ep.png

    James Walsh's EP

    It's a great EP and I am very proud of both it and the cover (because I took the picture!)
    Ilse De Lange hit the number 1 spot, again!... with her new EP "Next to Me". We wrote 3 songs together and a bunch more for the next one.


    Ilse DeLange - Next To Me

    JUNE 17TH 2010

    Greetings from Bangkok airport. I am currently in transit to Sydney Australia, where I have been asked to speak at the Song Summit they are holding. Honored to be asked....don't know what I am going to say, but honored non the less!

    Jason Mraz has been back at KensalTown and we've been writing some new songs for the next record. Always fun and inspiring with him.


    Sacha & Jason Mraz

    James Walsh and I completed our recording with the Norwegian Orchestra and it was an incredible experience and one that I hope to repeat soon. Great musicians, arranger, studio and place. Check out Tromso!


    James Walsh

    We've been producing a couple of tracks for hotly tipped newcomer Jessie J and she is definitely deserving of the hype surrounding her. Amazing vocalist.


    Jessie J

    I went to NYC to write with Matthew Morrison ( actor who plays the teacher in Glee) and have been writing away on quite a lot of other projects.

    NOVEMBER 28th 2009

    Sleepless nights haven't stopped the activity!
    Been writing a lot, including a new song with Charlotte O'Connor and some new Lisa Marie Presley ones.
    Joss Stone released her album "Color me Free" with the song Stalemate on, which I produced. The album went top 10 in the US.


    Joss Stone - Color Me Free

    Started a fantastic new project with James Walsh (Starsailor).....early days, but really excited. We are working together on a movie soundtrack, which will also be an album of songs. Not allowed yet to divulge what the movie is yet.....but take it from, its very very cool!

    SEPTEMBER 24TH 2009

    I am a DADDY!!!!
    At 6.25 am 30/08/09 Cora Sofia Skarbek was born. I feel like a 3yr old and its Christmas everyday. An enormous overwhelming love, that I am sure will ignite the song writing. That mixed with being woken up at 4 in the morning and changing dirty nappies!


    Cora Sofia Skarbek

    On the studio front I have been writing with Lisa Marie-Presley and having a blast. I think it will shock a lot of people and I have really enjoyed it. Very Cool.


    Lisa Marie Presley

    We had our favorite girl from San Diego over, Miss Tristan Prettyman and are beginning writing for the new album. Got a great song already and looking forward to making another record. Early days, but things looking good.

    Ben's Brother is releasing "Stalemate", but for the single has Anastasia dueting. She came in to vocal and the song sounds huge. The version we did with Joss Stone, looks like its going on her album, to be released end of this year. Not a bad couple of singers to have worked with!



    Working with Luke and an exciting new artist called Meme Love. Early days, but showing real potential and she's a star. Check her out.

    JULY 15TH 2009

    Apologies for the delay in writing some news, but there's been quite a few events in the past couple of months that have kept me busy.

    I am extremely excited about becoming a Dad! Not long to go now... One more marathon under the belt, having completed the Artic race and that's probably it for a while!

    We've had Sasha Ryabinina over from St.Petersburg and have finished 5 KILLER tracks?..this girl is special!


    Sasha Ryabinina

    Marc Broussard came over from Louisianna and we wrote some cool songs. With a voice and talent like that, not too hard.


    Marc Broussard

    I had a great evening at the London Songwriters week, where I was interviewed by Tony Moore and played a few songs for aspiring songwriters..hope I didn't put them off!

    Miguel Stanley's record has been mixed by the famous David Tickle (Prince, 4 non-blondes etc.) and hopefully will be out before the end of the year. We also did an EP for Katie Vogel, of 'Green Eyed World' fame and in between quite a lot of writing, including a song Martin and I did for Westlife.

    April 18th 2009

    Greetings from Nashville, where I have been writing with the royalty of country, Miss Carrie Underwood. Its been all good, but still getting my head around the "country" thang and had to persuade her to do some "Rolling Stones" meets "Queen"....just to get the british vibe in there!


    Carrie Underwood

    Was in NYC for a few days before, writing with American Idol's Jason Castro, who was very refreshing, cool writer and great vibe and with Martin Terefe we wrote 2 killer songs. Off to LA to work with my brother Stefan (Double 0 Zero) and Justin Gaston for a week, then back to getting all these songs tracked!

    There has been a lot of new development acts in the studio over the past couple of months and really exciting stuff......

    Meme Love , Bo Bruce and Thom Crawford....and it proves there is no shortage of "talent" out there......watch these names!

    Also been some good writing with Katie Voegle who has a huge and exciting launch platform coming out soon.

    OH and YES!.....Bens Brother record has been picked up by Island Records and is due out for release in May......SUPERB!

    In between this I managed to get some incredible heli-skiing done, although there never seems to be enough hours in the day!

    Sacha skis.jpg


    MARCH 12th 2009

    Congratulations to Ilse DeLange, who won a "lifetime achievment" award and performed "Miracle", a song we wrote with full orchestra and it sounded amazing. The song also won "Best Song" in a feature film and Ilse's record continues to go from strength to strength.


    Ilse De Lange

    Miguel Stanley has finished his album and it is sounding really special.....waiting to get it mixed and had some great work on it from Luke Potashnick, Pete and all the musicians. Watch out world......is all I can say!

    Miguel Stanley.jpg

    Miguel Stanley

    Brendan James has completed 6 songs and is the new "star" of the KensalTown Kings Soccer team. Its been a pleasure having not only his football skills, but his unique magical musicianship.

    This week Julian Perretta has been in writing with me and its been a real pleasure. For someone so young and cool, he has an old soul and been really inspiring to be with. Gonna track over the next few days and looking forward to seeing what the outcome is.

    Julian Perreta.JPG

    Julian Perretta

    spent a fantastic week in the Alps, heli-skiing and on ski-tours, which was OUT OF THIS WORLD! Came back with a chest infection after being caught out in a storm, but still completely worth it.

    Off to Nashville soon to write with Carrie Underwood and BC Jean, then ........who knows.....well maybe Mike Dixon my manager does?

    JANUARY 20th 2009

    Been a while.......and a new year has arrived. Forgive me if I wander while writing this, as I am at the same time listening to the talented Mr. James Bryan playing guitar.

    Jason continues to go from strength to strength and along with Adele has been nominated for Grammy's. There seems to be some movement in the UK, with the album at No.8 this week.

    Charlotte O'Connor signed a worldwide deal with Colombia records and we have been back writing and recording. Had a exciting tracking session, where Jamie Cullum dropped by and played some Farfisa on a song called "My Rose" and we are all "buzzing"........ (in the words of Charlotte.)

    Double 0 Zero are doing some finishing touches to mixes and all looks set for an exciting year for them. Stefan has been in writing and heads back to LA to wrap up the last of the mixes.

    Gin Wigmore came all the way over from New Zealand and wrote some cool stuff and we are very much hoping she will be back soon.

    Gin Wigmore

    Gin Wigmore

    Brendon James from NYC is here co-writing and gonna do some tracking over the next few days.

    Pete and Ainsley are both working hard, Pete is leading the charge with the Harajuku Girls and Ainsley is continuing work on his band "To Venture Planes".

    Right.....back to guitars!

    NOVEMBER 17th 2008

    NYC.......just back from a fun, but hectic time! Was lucky enough to witness the election, with the historical event of Obama becoming President elect. Time Square was like New Year, winning the Super Bowl and Armageddon all at once.

    Other good news is Adele, who performed on Saturday Night Live, both "Chasing Pavements" and "Cold Shoulder" reached number 11 in the US billboard charts and Number 1 on US iTunes.



    Jason Mraz continues to grow, with "I am Yours" becoming one of the biggest songs of the year. The album is close to Platinum in US and has been very successful around the world.....except in the UK!!!! Go figure.....


    Jason Mraz

    The lovely Ilse DeLange hit the number 1 spot in Holland, with the album "Incredible".


    Ilse Delange

    Waylon is back over and we are recording his record, as is Miguel Stanley and Shawn Barry, so studio is full of musicians and activity.

    Ben's Brother record is hopefully being mixed later this month and lots of writing going on......whew....need a holiday!


    OCTOBER 3RD 2008

    Greetings from Kensaltown! We have just completed Ben's Brothers new album and its been a blast!

    We have also managed to get some pretty special guests to sing on it, including Joss Stone, Jason Mraz, Jack McManus, Cass Lowe and Pete Gordeno.

    Malcolm, Karl and Luke were all back on flying form and with the help of Ben's Brother all round talent Kiris and Jamie, tracking was a dream.

    All is in place now and the tracks are off to New York to be mixed by the fantastic Michael Brauer.

    Martin and I also did some writing and tracking with our new favourite Aussie, Mark Sholtez. Jamie and Stefan both did some writing with us and we are very much hoping Mark will be back before the end of the year to record his album.

    We also had a brilliant guy called Waylon over from Holland. Martin, Waylon and myself wrote and tracked a really cool song called "Broken to make you whole". Waylon is scheduled to be back at the end of the month.

    August 18th, 2008

    Loads been happening this summer... from Norway to LA to Ohio to Chicago to London to Ibiza!


    Martin & Sacha - After The Marathon

    Midnight Sun Marathon was completed by Martin and I and managed to knock 11 mins off my London time.

    Amazing event. Running at midnight with sun, fiords, mountains and people from all round the world.


    Charlotte O'Connor

    Studio has been busy.....Charlotte O'Connor has been back in and she gets better and better. Stefan, from Double 0 Zero, helped out and songs are sounding fantastic.

    theboywhotrappedthe sun.jpg

    The Boy Who Trapped The Sun

    Colin Macleod, aka. The boy who trapped the sun, was in for a week and we did some writing and tracking and should have 4 songs finished pretty soon. It was a lot of fun, with lots of instrument swapping, strange B.V's and extra sounds being made!


    Lisa Mitchell

    Lisa Mitchell recorded 3 songs with the help of Dawn Kinnard and the boys and a lovely artist, called Jamelle and Brandon from Texas came in and we wrote some great songs.

    I was in LA writing for a couple of weeks with Howie Day, Ry Cummings and some others. Then flew to Ohio, where I met Martin and we wrote 2 songs with American Idol winner, David Cook. Strange place Ohio!

    Came back to London to do the demos and then flew straight off to Ibiza, where I mixed a bit of business with pleasure!

    Sasha Ryabinina, a talented 18 yr old singer/musician from St. Petersburg has been doing some fantastic demos with the help of Ainsley. We are hoping she will be back soon to do some more.


    Ben's Brother

    We are starting Ben's Brother's new album in a couple of weeks, which I am really looking forward to......gonna have Luke, Karl and Malcolm back in and it'll be one big happy family and fun and games...and I am sure some sweat and tears.

    Look out for Amie Miriello's record coming out in US on 2nd September... co-wrote and produced a couple of tracks for it.

    JUNE 9TH, 2008

    Martin and I and getting ready for our Midnight Sun Marathon, which takes place in Tromso on 21st June.......Gonna be EPIC! Not sure Martin knows what he is in for.....after the last one I did, I felt like I needed a wheelchair for a month afterwards.

    Craig Wiseman was over and we had a fantastic and drunken evening at the ASCAP "songwriters singing their hit songs"......I made the fatal mistake of trying to keep up with Blair Mackichan and Craig and by the time I went on......well lets just say, I had no business at my local karaoke place, let alone amongst Desmond Childs, Graham Gouldman (10CC), Craig, Blaire, Kim Ritchie, Phil Thornally etc.

    Ilse DeLange was back and we tracked some more songs with Luke, Malcolm and Kris. Sounding great and always fun in tracking mode. Wrote 3 new songs with Ilse and a lovely writer from NewYork called Nate Campney. Really great young guy, a bit like Ryan Adams and I reckon he'll be big in the future.

    Jeff Cohen and Jamie Hartman were in writing and we got an absolute gem and very excited about what we are gonna do this summer. Wrote another lovely song with Jeff and Kim Ritchie and looking forward to writing with Kim and Lisa Mitchell later this month.

    APRIL 20TH, 2008


    Charlotte O'Connor

    Charlotte O'Connor, an incredible 17 yr old from Blackburn (or Birmingham, as I thought for most of the time!), came in for a week and we wrote 3 really cool songs....James Morrison kindly offered his services on BV's and I am really excited about this project.

    Ilse Delange has been over from Holland and we have started producing her album. A cross between Sheryl Crowe and The Cardigans......Ilse is a massive star in her native Holland, but we are really going for a big international record and we are looking forward to having her back over at the end of the month.

    Pete and I spent a week at a Universal writing camp, writing for Simon Cowell's acts, ranging from Il Divo to Leona Lewis....FULL ON is the only phrase I can use to describe it! I managed to write a song with SEVEN key changes, so feeling very proud of that!!! It was hard work, but a lot of fun and great to be back working with such great writers as Lyndy Robbins, Jamie Hartman, Jack McManus, Blaire Mackichan, Karen Poole, Antonio Galbiati and Remee.

    APRIL 12TH, 2008


    Double O Zero

    Double O Zero played some blinding gigs and we are getting ready to finish mixing the record. They are in the US at the moment and are gonna play some gigs out there. "LOVE" and "HI HI's and LO LO's" have been getting played on KCRW and "Pink Ribbons" is creating a huge storm on MySpace. If you haven't heard them .....YOU NEED TO!

    Harajuku girls have also been busy, even though they have now come off tour with Gwen Stefani, Jenny has been dancing for Madonna and the rest of the girls have been getting ready for the launch of their record. We are scheduled to go to LA pretty soon and finish a couple more songs.

    MARCH 31ST, 2008

    Jive records artist Amie Mirellio has just finished mixing her record with Tony Maserati and Pete, Jeff Cohen and I worked a lot on this, so fingers crossed on this one!

    I had a really great trip out Nashville, where I wrote songs with my good friend Craig Wiseman, Chris Tompkins, Jeff Cohen and loads of other top Nashville writers. I also performed alongside Jeff, Dave Hodges and Kara Dioguardi at "Tin Pan South" , which other than nearly soiling myself with fear, turned out pretty good! Although it always reminds me why I never became a solo artist!

    Ainsley is still skint and Pete is still on the phone.....other than that we are all looking forward to having an exciting few months ahead, with some great artists coming in, including Ben's Brother, Colin Mcleod and .....who know's .....sometimes its better not to!


  • Sacha Skarbek - Biography


    Sacha Skarbek is a Grammy nominated and two time Ivor Novello winner.

    Sacha showed early talent as a musician, winning many piano competitions from the age of seven. Awarded music scholarships to Northbourne Park and King's School Canterbury, Sacha was taught by the distinguished pianist Ronald Smith and played French horn, clarinet and percussion. He went on to study in Oxford where he gained a degree in music.

    Sacha's musical empathy and classical background bring an unmistakeable quality to his songs and compositions. The breadth of his talent is reflected by the artists he has worked with including: Neneh Cherry, Samantha Mumba (no.2 hit Body to Body), Adele (Cold Shoulder), Jason Mraz, Tristan Prettyman, Sir Paul McCartney, Beverley Knight, Duffy (Save it for your prayers), Jon Bon Jovi, Cherie (BMI award winning song I am Ready) and Sacha played a key role in the development of James Blunt with whom he wrote the Worldwide no.1 hit, You're Beautiful and a further six co-writes on the multi-platinum selling debut album, "Back to Bedlam", including follow up singles Wisemen and Goodbye My lover. "Sacha gave me my education in the art of songcraft". (James Blunt).

    Sacha has a unique ability to combine his experience as a top session musician with his love of songwriting. As interested in working with developing artists as with major established acts, for Sacha it's "all about the song".

    Sacha is currently working with other top songwriters such as, Glen Ballard, Kara Dioguardi, Craig Wiseman, Sean Garrett, Greg Wells, Jeff Cohen and Elliot Kennedy. In addition he is writing with acts like Seal, Jason Mraz, Gwen Stefani, Pussy Cat Dolls, Duffy, Ben's Brother and Nick Lechay, as well as developing new blood from his "Deamon productions" studio, based in Notting hill, London, including the amazing Double 0 Zero band.

    Sacha has produced the talented Tristan Prettyman album, Jive records, Amie Mirellio, Richard Fleeshman and is starting Ilse Delange's new record.

    Sacha has recently co-written the comeback single for Gareth Gates, "Changes". Ben's Brothers debut single, "Beauty Queen". Adele's "Cold Shoulder", multiple songs on Jason Mraz's album "We Sing and We Dance and We Steal Things" and Make a Change for German super band No Angels. Kalan Porter's "Run run run", Ryan Cabrera's "How about tonight" and has co-written six songs on Tristan Prettyman's album, "Hello".

  • Press

    Tristan Prettyman Is Just Having Fun

    Singer-songwriter Tristan Prettyman will make a stop in Philly this weekend, appearing at Festival Pier with G. Love and the John Butler Trio on Saturday night.

    Prettyman's second album, "Hello," has been her career breakout, debuting in the Top 30 of Billboard's Top 200 albums chart and at No. 2 on its Top Digital Albums listing. In only two months, the record has sold about 40,000 copies -- as many as her debut album, 2000's "twenty-three" sold it in its first year.

    Read more here.

    Sacha Ivor Interview

    Short interview with Sacha Skarbek for the Ivor Novello Awards programme.

    Read more here.

    Sacha talks to CNBC

    Sacha Skarbek & Martin Terefe talk to CNBC!

    Read more here.

    From Bucks Music Group

    "Sacha showed early talent as a musician, winning many piano competitions from the age of seven. Awarded music scholarships to Northbourne Park and King's School Canterbury, Sacha was taught by the distinguished pianist Ronald Smith and played French horn, clarinet and percussion. He went on to study in Oxford where he gained a degree in music."

    Read more here.

    From the BBC

    "Sacha Skarbek - Sacha Skarbek is a Grammy nominated and two time Ivor Novello winning songwriter who's worked with artists such as Samantha Mumba and Beverley Knight, and who also played a key role in the development of James Blunt with whom he wrote the worldwide no.1 hit 'You're Beautiful'."

    Read more here.

  • Discography

    Sacha Skarbek - List ImageSacha Skarbek - Cover Image
    • Jason Mraz

      Love is a four letter word.
    • Lisa Marie Presley

      Storm and Grace
    • Lana DelRey

      Born to die.
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    • Joss Stone

      Colour Me Free
    • Gin Wigmore

      Holy Smoke
    • Waylon

      Wicked Way
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    • James Blunt

      Back to Bedlam
    • Adele

    • Jason Mraz

      We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things
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    • James Blunt

      Chasing Time
    • Duffy

      (US Release Only)
    • Tristan Pretyman

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    • Isle Delange

    • Amie Miriello

      I Came Around
    • Ben's Brother

      Beta Male Fairytales
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    • Beverly Knight

      Prodigal Sista
    • Ryan Cabrera

      Moon Under Water
    • Richard Fleeshman

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    • Gareth Gates

      Pictures of the Otherside
    • Kalan Porter

      Wake Up Living
    • Double 0 Zero

      From Hero's To Zero's
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    • Samantha Mumba

      Gotta Tell You
    • Amanda Ghost

      Ghost Stories
    • Ilse DeLange

    • Artists:
    • Isle Delange - Incredible
    • Amie Miriello - I Came Around
    • James Blunt - Back To Bedlam
    • James Blunt - Chasing Time
    • Jason Mraz - We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things
    • Adele - 19
    • Duffy - Rockaferry (US release only)
    • Tristan Prettyman - Hello...x
    • Beverly Knight - Podigal Sista
    • Ryan Cabrera - Moon Under Water
    • Ben's Brother - Beta Male Fairytales
    • Samantha Mumba - Gotta Tell You
    • Gareth Gates - Pictures Of The Otherside
    • Kalan Porter - Wake Up Living
    • Double 0 Zero - From Hero's to Zero's
    • Richard Fleeshman - Neon
    • Amanda Ghost - Ghost Stories
    • TV Shows:
    • VW Golf
    • Moschino
    • RISE
    • Wright Show
    • Johnny Vaughn - “Tonite”
    • Rugby World Cup - 2003 Theme
    • Miss World - Theme and show music
    • The Honeytrap
    • Miller Lite
  • Artists Worked With

    • Neneh Cherry
    • Desree
    • Seal
    • Beverly Knight
    • Samantha Mumba
    • Jon Bon Jovi
    • Sheryl Crow
    • Sir Paul McCartney
    • Pussy Cat Dolls
    • Original Son
    • Amanda Ghost
    • Kylie Minogue
    • Boy George
    • Alisha’s Attic
    • Carleen Anderson
    • Tina Arena
    • James Blunt
    • Nick Lachey
    • Ryan Cabrera
    • Duffy
    the lodge - sacha's studio


    Deamon Productions is Sacha's own production company based at his studio known as the "The Lodge" (part of Kensaltown Studios in west London). Here, Sacha and his team write, record and produce daily. At any given time they are working on multiple development projects as well as producing major artists.


    Pete Ibsen - Biography

    pete photo

    After finishing his degree in Denmark in the mid 90’s, Peter Ibsen came to the UK to follow his dream, passion and determination to turn his musical and entrepreneurial skills into success in the music industry. In 1999, after masterminding and developing his own girl band (Made In London), the doors opened wide with a record deal with RCA and publishing deal with Warner Chappell.

    Since then, Pete hasn’t looked back. The long list of famous collaborations and credits to his name include Victoria Beckham, Sugarbabes, Genuwine, Stella Sollei, MN8, Billy Crawford, Amanda Ghost, Hugo Chakrabongse, No Angels and Babyface to name a few. He has also been instrumental in the recent development of new acts such as Double 0 Zero, Kate Elsworth, The Harajuku Girls, Amanda Ghost and Hugo Chakrabongse, not to mention music composed music for film & TV including Hollywood’s finest with music and songs in several new movies including Lady In The Water, Da Vinci Code, Crossover, Spring Break, Like Mike 2 and numerous acclaimed TV shows and series.

    After over ten years of colaborations, Pete joined forces with Sacha Skarbek in 2006 as part of the team known as Deamon Productions. He also owns his own publishing, production & music supervision company, Face Family.

    Ainsley Adams - Biography

    pete photo

    Ainsley is a sound engineer, guitarist and aspiring producer who also happens to be the son of Moody Blues former lead singer/guitarist and co founder of Wings, Denny Laine.

    At the age of seven he moved to a small town in Spain where he grew up. Coming from a family of passionate musicians, it was no surprise that by fifteen he had picked up a guitar, was writing songs and playing in local rock bands. Shortly after he started recording his own music and working in a professional studio.

    Frustrated by the lack of musical diversity in the area where he lived, at 19 he decided to move to Barcelona, where he continued his studies at various audio/music colleges, experimented as a DJ and ventured into the avant-garde electronic music scene. After finishing his studies in barcelona he moved to London to pursue a career as a producer. He is now Sacha's PA, engineer and all round studio maintainer. Ainsley is currently producing his own band project "To Venture Planes".


    The lodge is a comfortable and functional recording facility which is part of the fantastic kensaltown community.

    The studio itself consists of a main recording room, drum booth and live room all of which have natural daylight. Our centerpiece is the 1970's B range Trident, complemented by a great selection of outboard gear, Tannoy, Genelec and Proac monitoring, the super-functional HEAR monitoring system, and top of the range instruments, including a Scimmel upright piano, a fully restored fender rhodes suitcase, a top of the range Gretch drumkit and a selection of rare analog synths. For more photos, please check out the gallery.

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